The goal of this project is to share with the world the perspective of the children, to provide an opportunity to reflect on the tragedy of the genocide by observing life today through the eyes of Rwanda's children. Additionally, the project aims to demonstrate to the children of the Imbabazi Orphanage that they have something to share with the world that is meaningful. Through their photography, the children receive that message, as well as the means to continue their photography and now today, their "pay-it-forward" photography workshops - a continuation of Through the Eyes of Children.

For each contribution of $125, you can receive a print of your choice. If you donate $1,300 or more, you can either receive all 13 prints on offer for contributors.

The children's photographs have been printed to archival, exhibition standards on enhanced velvet paper. Contributions are tax deductible and go to fund future photographic projects and exhibitions and to the education of the children at the Imbabazi Orphanage through our sponsor, Perception, a 501(c)3 charitable organization.



Your donation allows us to continue to connect vulnerable children and photography throughout the world with more Through the Eyes of Children photo workshops.  

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