Photo Workshops

Through the Eyes of Children

Through the Eyes of Children began as a photographic workshop in 2000, conceived by photographer, David Jiranek, and inspired by the founder of the Imbabazi Orphanage, Rosamond Carr, an American woman living in Rwanda since 1955. 19 children, ranging in ages from eight to 18, began photographing themselves and their community. They were called the “Camera Kids.” Initially, the film was developed locally -- the pictures were displayed on the orphanage walls and put into photo albums by the children. Since that time, the same 19 children have worked with the project annually from 2000 – 2011. Their photographic body of work documents their life in Rwanda as the country rebuilt itself and is believed to be the largest body of photographic work taken by genocide survivors.

The children’s assignments encompassed subjects such as: Out My Window, Friends, Walking to School, Market and more aspects of everyday life. Their work has won numerous awards and been exhibited throughout the world.

Today, those “Camera Kids” are now adults and are extending the project’s mission and traveling to teach photography to other vulnerable children around the world.

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