Exhibition Photos

The photographs in the traveling exhibition are the culmination of 11 years of photographic work by children living at the Imbabazi Orphanage in Rwanda. This world-wide exhibition provides a glimpse into the children’s lives and community as seen through their own eyes.

While many now know about the genocide, most do not fully understand its magnitude. In a mere 100 days, while the world stood by, more than 800,000 people were killed. The slaughter of civilians by civilians occurred at a rate of three-to-four times that of the Holocaust and resulted in millions of refugees and orphaned children.

Photography served to document the atrocity and images continue to play a key part in our memory of the injustices that occurred. However the power of the camera has rarely been in the hands of those affected the most.

The reception of this exhibition by the world community has been nothing short of astounding. It proved to the children that they have something meaningful to communicate and share. People now see these children less as victims but as the promise and possibility of a better future.

To inquire about the exhibition, please contact us at info@camerakids.photos.